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Resources That Will Benefit Children

A Resource Library For Child Care Providers Is Opening It’s Doors

Crystal Stairs Inc., one of the largest private, non-profit child care and development corporations in California, will be re-opening its Resource Lending Library on Wednesday, April 9 at 5:30 p.m. The Grand Opening is taking place at 4305 Degnan Blvd., Suite 102, Los Angeles 90008. This newly renovated library is one of the many ways Crystal Stairs, Inc. is working to bridge the gap between access to resources and quality child care services.

“This library will serve as a much needed source of reference for community child care providers. The available resources are essential tools needed in educating, assisting, and developing professionals in the child care industry. We are overjoyed to be able provide a facility, in the community, to house necessary equipment to child care providers,” stated Holly J. Mitchell, CEO of Crystal Stairs, Inc. With its Leimert Park Village location, in the heart of our community, this newly renovated community treasure serves as a community resource, a place where child care providers, students and other professionals in the early childhood field can access high-quality equipment and educational materials. The Resource Library provides a wide variety of high quality educational materials and equipment which for many providers can be difficult to access due to high cost and/or space limitations. The ability to access these materials and equipment enhance a provider’s ability to offer a full-range of materials for curriculum-based activities. “Child care providers will be allowed to “check-out” materials and use various on-site equipment for the enhancement of their facility,” says Yuovene Whistler, Resource & Referral Manager for Crystal Stairs, Inc.

Many resources are provided at the Resource Library, including: books and videos on child development, business, health & safety; reports and research materials; curriculum and program support materials; child development and early childhood education brochures; on site laminating and die-cut machines; audio, visual, and computer stations; internet access to do research; and staff support in selecting developmentally appropriate materials.

The mission of Crystal Stairs, Inc. is to promote healthy and enriching lives for children and their families by providing service, research and advocacy in the fields of child care, child development and family well being. This library is one of the many tools being used in support of that mission.

For more information on the Resource Library or the opening please call (626) 791-3847 or visit us online at