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Crystal Stairs hosts major press conference to protest Governor’s elimination of child care funding. The Governor’s cuts mean that 6,600 children will lose child care in the community effective November 1, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - On Friday, October 15, 2010, Crystal Stairs hosted a major press conference to protest Governor Schwarzenegger’s line item veto of Stage 3 child care funding for working families in his completion of the 2010-11 Budget. This single act destroys California’s 15 year investment in moving families from welfare to work and places thousands of California families on the unemployment and welfare rolls and leaves 17,000 children across the state without access to safe quality child care.

Hundreds of parents and providers attended the press conference in support of the message. Also in attendance were Senator Carol Liu, Assembly member Mike Davis, and executive directors from the other Los Angeles county child care agencies who will also be faced to terminate children and families.

“It is unfortunate that we have to stand here today to respond to the offensive cuts made by Governor Schwarzenegger in his line item veto last Friday”, said Holly J. Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Stairs. “But we have to, because as of November 1st, thousands of children and working parents will be forced off a cliff and into an abyss of unemployment and possible child endangerment. This Governor ran on a platform of saving and protecting children. But his complete elimination of Stage 3 child care funding does everything but save and protect children. His cuts harm families. His cuts harm children. And his cuts harm businesses.”

The immediate impacts of these cuts are disastrous and will include:

  • 6,600 children in the Crystal Stairs service area will lose access to child care, effective November 1, 2010, placing them in serious danger

  • Placing roughly 12,000 families who are currently working, paying taxes and contributing to Los Angeles’ struggling economy will be forced to make difficult decisions between caring for their children or maintaining their employment. 3,500 of these families are served by Crystal Stairs

  • 6,000 providers, including licensed family child care homes and child care centers throughout the state will lose payment for services placing their businesses, already hard hit by Los Angeles’ struggling economy at risk of closure. 2,700 of these providers are contracted with Crystal Stairs

  • $1.2 billion dollars of economic input will be lost to Los Angeles County annually

Child care providers are already struggling with high vacancy rates due to the 12.6% local unemployment rate for Los Angeles County. The loss of an additional 17,000 children from these programs will place many licensed child care programs in very difficult financial positions and potential closure.

Further, these cuts will have a ripple effect of employers losing employees who are no longer able to come to work, closure of already struggling child care businesses which will impact all working families who depend upon child care services to go to work.

For more information on the cuts and to see if you or someone you know may be impacted, please call (323) 299-8998.