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Crystal Stairs receives award from prestigious National Black McDonalds Operators Association (NBMOA)

Los Angeles, CA – On Friday, September 17, 2010 Crystal Stairs was honored for its commitment to community service with an award presented by the National Black McDonalds Operators Association (NBMOA) in the amount of $2,500. The agency was nominated by long-time supporter of Crystal Stairs, Patricia Williams of NKP Management. Chief Programs Officer of Crystal Stairs, Jackie B. Majors accepted the award on behalf of the agency at the Association’s annual conference held in La Quinta, CA.

Mrs. Majors expressed her gratitude and shared some startling statistics on the families and child care providers served by Crystal Stairs. The median annual income for a family using Crystal Stairs’ services is at $18,396 while the national poverty level is $22,000 for a family of four. The agency serves 23,020 children from 12,778 families and works with 7,000 providers on a monthly basis. 9,546 families served by Crystal Stairs earn less than minimum wage. “On the 78th day of not having a state budget, this award comes at a pivotal time for us as we face very difficult and trying days. It means so much to be honored and acknowledged for our role in the community, but this is really a sign of hope to the families and children we serve every day,” said Majors in accepting the honor.

“On behalf of Crystal Stairs, I thank Patricia Williams for the nomination and NBMOA president Rita Mack for such an honor. We are grateful to them and our families and children thank donors and advocates and business owners such as yourselves for supporting community-based organizations that are here to serve,” said Majors in reaction to the award and the nomination. “Crystal Stairs cannot make it without the support of our community.”

NBMOA is a self-help organization, established for the purpose of working together for the improvement and betterment of each and every African American McDonald's franchise owner, supplier, and African American society as a whole. (

Crystal Stairs is one of the largest private non-profit child development agencies in the state of California. For more information, go to